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About Us

The Mary Sowah Foundation is a non – profit organisation which was set up by Jennifer Naa Dedei Opare-Aryee in honour of her Grandmother, Madam Mary Sowah. Mary Sowah was born in Accra, Ghana in West Africa in the early 1930’s. As a young girl growing up in the 30’s, Madam Mary Sowah was unable to complete her education due to her father’s belief that a “woman’s place is in the kitchen”.

She tried to complete her education but this was not possible without the financial backing and support of her father. Until her sudden death on 9th December 2017 she remained passionate about education and through her endless acts of sacrifice she ensured that her children, grand children and great grandchildren had access to good education.

Who we are

Our Mission

To Prevent and overcome the barriers that prevents a child from going to school.

Our Values

Our values shape everything that we do. Our values are built on the following principles;

Our Vision

To change lives by ensuring that every child in Ghana has access to education;

Urgent Causes

Helping Children In Ghana

The Mary Sowah Foundation is a non-profit organisation supporting children in Ghana, West Africa to have a brighter future through education. We are acutely aware of the financial challenges many parents in Ghana face to keep their child in school.

Meet Our Volunteers


Our Blog

Fundraising Charity Ball

Fundraising charity ball on 26th January 2019 at the Bexleyheath Marriot Hotel - 1 Broadway, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA6 7JZ. Tickets are on sale now. Call 07957 347812 to book your ticket.

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Virtual market

We will be holding a virtual market to sell notebooks, jewellery, bags, T-shirts to raise funds to drive our programs. Keep your eye on our page for further details.

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Item Sharing

We receive the equivalent of a double room size clothes, toys, books, shoes, curtains, bedsheets which we donated to the Otinbi community in December 2022.

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